The mobile device market is huge and it continues to grow by the day as the tablets and the smartphones get better and better. The hardware features are improved year on year and we now have some of the best screen resolutions and graphics we have ever seen. This has led to an explosion in gameplay with games apps the most downloaded from both the Android and iOS app stores. To keep up with the changes in hardware, the games themselves have gotten more and more complex and some now require you to pay for them. Not only that, many of these games feature in-app purchases that give you extra features to try and get ahead in the game and these, should you be tempted by them, can end up costing you a lot of money.

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Thankfully, we now have XModGames to turn to. This is a popular app installer that is full of games, each one tweaked to include loads of the features that would cost you in the game. These are all free to download and use and there are plenty to choose from. Before we look at how to install XModGames [ ext link ], here are some of the very best features:

Features of XModGames :

  • Download and use XModGames free
  • All modded games are free to download 
  • Mods include extra lives, extra coins, extra time, and many other in-app premium features
  • User-friendly app makes navigation and download simple
  • Acts as an accelerator and graphics enhancer on some games
  • Screen recorder with Full HD video capabilities  
  • Automated scripts built in to help automate gameplay
  • Updated by the developers regularly
  • Forum built-in so all gamers can interact with one another

When you download XModGames, you are downloading a set of really cool features and games, with modifications and tweaks that you won’t find anywhere else. However, some games will not be in the app because the developers have barred XModGames form including them. Also, we must tell you that we can’t take any responsibility for any action that the official game developers may take should they determine that you are using a tweaked version of their game. This could include suspension or deletion of your existing game account if you have one. When you download XModGames, you do so at your own risk:

How to Download XModGames :

To download, you must first download Extensify app installer and then search Extensify for XModGames and download it :

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