Extensify Android

Android device owners are not able to jailbreak their devices like iOS owners are but there is still a way for them to be able to tweak the stock apps on their devices to give them a few more features and a bit more functionality. It’s through an app called Extensify, read more

Extensify iOS 9.3.5

Are you a fan of jailbreaking or do you prefer to stay away from it and stick with the stock iOS ? Maybe you don’t want to jailbreak but you would still like to have a few more features on some of the stock apps. Well, now you can with an app called Extensify. read more

Extensify Helper

When you modify an app through Extensify, you are adding tweaks to them, called Exos. The modified app is identified with a “+” sign after the name, for example, if you were to modify the YouTube app with read more