Is Extensify Safe ?

Jailbreaking is cool. It lets you free your iOS devices of all its limits and thus attain great customization ability in your device. However, not everybody loves jailbreaking. There are many users who love to keep their iOS devices in the stock condition, but they do wish to customize their apps. Apart from this, many a times there are no jailbreaks available for iOS during a specific period when Apple tightens its iOS security, just like it happened with iOS 8.4.1 which patched the PP and TaiG jailbreaks.

Image : Is Extensify Safe for iPhone Users

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But now there has been another great development in the iOS community which has made iOS users and jailbreakers rejoice with excitement. Do you know that you can now apply tweaks to your stock iOS apps even without jailbreaking ? Yes, thanks to the developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, who are popular in the jailbreak community as @freemanrepo and @uhelios, we are soon to get an app called Extensify which will enable iOS users to modify their apps and add features to them without jailbreaking their iOS devices.

Such an awesome app is very much needed in the iOS community, especially for those who want to keep their iOS stock, or those who are on an unjailbreakable iOS firmware. Extensify will be available for download soon for iOS 9. However, many people are asking whether installing Extensify on an iOS device will void its warranty or not.

Will Installing Extensify Void the Warranty of my Devices ?

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Well, of course not. Extensify is just like any other app. It is a tweak store which houses different tweaks which you can use to modify your stock apps. So basically, it’s just an app which provides you with some features. Now Apple will not question you for using an app, so it is definitely not going to void your warranty.

Also, you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install Extensify. You will be able to install Extensify directly on your stock iOS. So you do not need to worry about warranty in case you want to take your device to the Apple Store to get it repaired. If you take a jailbroken device to the guys at the Service Center, they will obviously tell you that you have voided the warranty. But they will not say the same thing for just installing an app, in this case, the Extensify app. Here is a tutorial explaining how to delete Extensify after you have installed it .

So Extensify app is not related to jailbreaking and installing it on your iOS device will not void your warranty, so you can be tension-free and use it without any worries. For more you can follow the Extensify Team Updates on Facebook




  1. Why not tell the users of IOS EXTENSIFY is not yet operational, that will perhaps be in a short time, why they give links from where you download only what is neither more nor less than a mere icon? It is an unfortunate reality that you have breakfast the user with these ads without mentioning what was said earlier, Downloads EXTENSIFY and today you have only an icon! While unfortunate and frustrating. In this area should be more explicit and to that truth bluntly. It was clear what I said? Greetings !

  2. I used to download extensify like movie box off safari. And issues with that was you would have to push your date on your iPhone back and other times it would just crash when you opened it. Will the same thing effect extesify?

  3. I’ve done it as you told above(I mean install it), after I added it to my screen board and open it, it only took me to the website, how is it? I can’t open the app

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