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Since iOS 10 very few people have been able to install a jailbreak on their devices, much of it because Apple is leaving little for the developers to work with. Not only does that leave us without our Cydia tweaks, it also means we can no longer download paid app store content for free.  To help us put, a few app installers were released and one of them, Extensify, offered modifications to the stock apps so at least we had something to work with. Now more have been released and one of them, Panda Helper, gives us back some of our Cydia access without having to jailbreak first.

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What is Panda Helper ?

Panda Helper [ext link] is the latest installer offering Cydia content without you needing to install a jailbreak. It offers all the paid app store content you could possibly want for free, a few Cydia tweaks and loads of ++ modified apps, giving us the means to start customizing our devices once more. Some of the best features of Panda Helper include.

Panda Helper Features :

There are plenty of features to make your Panda Helper experience one of the best:

  • Very easy to download
  • Looks much like the iOS app store so it is easy to use 
  • Full support for iOS 7 to iOS 11 on all devices
  • No jailbreak required 
  • Some Cydia tweaks
  • Lots of ++ modified apps, like Snapchat++, Spotify++ and Pokémon Go++ 
  • Loads of premium store content for free
  • Daily updates bring new content
  • In-app notifications for app updates
  • Update your apps directly through Panda Helper
  • Works on Android too
  • Plenty more features

Panda Helper is one of the most comprehensive of all the third-party app installers and is also proving to be one of the most popular. It has more content than many others and is available in two versions , free and paid. The paid version will give you a few more features but the free version offers so much that it is unlikely that you will need to pay , obviously, the choice is yours.

How to Download Panda Helper :

Panda Helper must be downloaded directly from the developers as it isn’t the kind of app that Apple will let you access through their store. It’s easy enough to do though and if you check out the links below, you will find a full download guide and instructions on how to delete Panda Helper from your device should you want or need to.

We are not likely to see any change to the jailbreak situation, at least not in the near future so Panda Helper is the nearest you will get to Cydia for now. Download it; it won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time and tell us if you find what you want in it. For more tips and tricks, you can follow us on Facebook.

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