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For some users, iOS means jailbreaking and such users cannot stay on stock iOS for a long period of time. And why not, jailbreaking is really so awesome. Cydia brings us so many customization options for our iOS devices that stock iOS firmware starts looking outdated. However, jailbreaks are not easy to come by, especially when Apple is working hard to patch jailbreaks and remove the vulnerabilities. If you are an iOS 8 user , follow this tutorial for Extensify Download . iOS 9 users , keep reading for more information.

Image : iOS 9 Download of Extensify – How to

extensify ios 9 download

iOS 8.4.1 has been released and as we all know now, the PP and TaiG jailbreaks are no longer working as Apple has patched the exploits. Many jailbreakers are uncomfortable with the new iOS, as many of them have accidentally updated to iOS 8.4.1 and have thus lost their jailbreaks. Many people who like to stay on stock iOS also want to customize their apps in some way. So not all hope is lost as a new tweaks store is here for stock iOS!

Tweaking without Jailbreaking !

Yes ! You heard it right. An app named Extensify is here and is made for tweaking stock iOS without jailbreaking. It actually is a complete tweak store and contains a large number of tweaks for many, many stock iOS apps.

All you need to do is search for a specific tweak or search tweaks for a specific app that you want to modify. Then you just have to queue up all the tweaks that you want to install to that app and create a build. After creating a build, you finally need to install the app. Extensify will download a fresh version of the app from iTunes and will install all the tweaks on it. The new, modified app will appear along with the stock iOS app. So you will be able to use the stock app along with the tweaked app. Isn’t it useful.


One limitation of Extensify is that you cannot use it for tweaking the stock iOS UI or the Springboard. You can tweak only those apps downloaded from the App Store. But still it is very useful in times when there is no jailbreak available. So if you want to install this really awesome app, follow the below-given tutorial.

How to Download Extensify on iOS 9 :

Method 1 : Using iOS 9 Safari browser on iPhone

  1. Launch Safari browser in your iOS 9 device. ios 9 safari iphone 6 plus
  2. Go to the our Extensify Download website by typing the given url in the address bar downloadextensify.comdownload extensify2
  3. Click on the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen on Safari as shown in the image below to download Extensify on your iOS 9 device. extensify download
  4. Now you will get the option to download the app icon on your iOS 9 homescreen . Tap on “Add to HomeScreen” download extensify1
  5. Now name the app. Keep it Extensify as shown here . Tap on Add option download extensify0
  6. Once Extensify is installed, you will get it on your home screen where you can tap to launch it and start using rightaway. No jailbreaking is required . extensify app on ios 9 homescreen

Video : Here is a step by step video tutorial explaining the above process in details

Method 2 : Extensify Installer download

extensify ios 9

Download Method  2 with Extensify Installer will be available soon for both Mac El Capitan and Windows 10 . So stay tuned. To download Extensify Installer when released, Join our Extensify Download page on Facebook . Enjoy Extensify and let us know your feedbacks on it.

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  1. It’s not working at all its just a shortcut to a web browser and I’m pretty sure they haven’t made it to wear it’s compadable with ios9 so we may have to wait a couple of months

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