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Do you prefer to have your iPhones and iPads jailbroken rather than running them on stock iOS ? If yes, then you definitely are a jailbreak fan and will agree that living without a jailbreak can be very frustrating. The last jailbreak we got was the iOS 9 jailbreak [ext link] from Team Pangu, and the jailbreak lived a very short life as it was patched soon by iOS 9.1. No more jailbreak releases have happened since then. And even though a lot of recent developments suggest that we might see an iOS 9.3 jailbreak [ext link] soon, there is still a lot of time for that. Fortunately though, Extensify 9.3 can help you fill the time without jailbreaks.

Image : Extensify iOS 9.3 Download

extensify ios 9.3

Note: For iOS 8 users, here is our guide for installing Extensify on iOS 8.

Install Tweaks on iOS 9.3 without Jailbreaking

Extensify is a tweak store made for stock iOS devices. Yes, you don’t need to jailbreak to Install Extensify. It’s very easy to download tweaks from Extensify and modify the stock apps. Of course, Extensify is no replacement for jailbreaks or Cydia, but it does come very handy when there is no jailbreak available.

Image : Extensify Interface

cydia vs extensify

Using Extensify iOS 9.3 is really very easy. You just need to browse the store and select all the tweaks you want to use for modifying a stock iOS app. With just a tap, you can create a build of all those tweaks, which is then used to modify a fresh version of the particular app. A thing to note here is that the original stock app remains in the device, while Extensify installs the tweaked version of the app, thus giving you access to both.

But Extensify comes with some limitations too. The SpringBoard cannot be tweaked with Extensify, and neither can be the iOS stock UI. But the stock iOS tweak store is a great alternative to Cydia for those who don’t want to jailbreak or need to pass the time until a jailbreak arrives.

How to Download Extensify on iOS 9.3

1. Using Safari Browser

  1. Unlock your iOS 9.3 device and launch the Safari Browser. safari_ios_9
  2. In the address bar, type downloadextensify.com and hit Enter. download extensify2
  3. After the Extensify website loads up, tap the Up arrow given at the bottom.extensify download
  4. Then choose the Add to HomeScreen option.download extensify1
  5. Name the app Extensify and select Add.download extensify0
  6. Extensify icon will now appear on the Home screen of your iOS device.extensify_ios_9

Video : Here is the step by step video for the above tutorial

2. Using Extensify Installer

The Extensify Installer 9.3 for Windows and Mac is under development and will be released soon.extensify ios 9.3 installer

We will update you soon about the installation method along with video tutorials when available . In the meantime , you can follow the Extensify team on Facebook  .




  1. i have been waiting to the extensify insaller ( In your words “coming soon”) since 9.1. If it’s going to take awhile just say it’s going to take awhile don’t have a post every update saying it’s coming out soon if it’s not
    I bet 100 bucks that 9.3 jailbreak comes out before this app

  2. This is beyond BS. How are you going to have an app to give you an alternative to jailbreaking for the meantime but not have the app released yet? What is the point of this? They were talking about this app back since ios9 JB was realeased and then patched .. Now they have a 9.1 JB and you still did nothing with this app?? Fake or just plain missleading?

    1. Imagine… You have just come up with a fantastic idea about an app you would like… So you tell people your going to make it… Now a week later hundreds of people ask you why it’s not ready? What do you tell them? Is not finished!!!! patience dude… Would you rather they realise it now with bugs or finish soft launch and release perfect..

    1. This is for people that don’t want to jailbreak.. For instance if you require certain banking apps that have jb protection or you don’t want to void your warranty.. This is perfect if there is a certain tweak you want without the full jb experience.

  3. Feel free to disagree with me on this one… “If you want something so badly.. Surely it’s worth waiting for”

  4. can’t download the helper, thence can’t download extensify… I really hope they fix that soon because I’d like my money back

  5. I just received a promo code that’ll allow me purchase the full version of the app for iOS 9.3 but I’m no longer interested. The app subscription is $8.9. Contact me if you are interested. Remember, the code works for one person only

  6. Ok I was wanting to see if I can get a refund for this bu**s**t app it pretty much serves serves no purpose I can’t install it on my iPhone 6s 9.3 put it on my iPad mini to see what it does but it’s jailbroken so it’s useless on there even if it wasn’t it would be a waist of time in money my personal point of view after using the app for not even 10 min you couldn’t pay me to put it back on either of my devices

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