Extensify iOS 9.3.5

Are you a fan of jailbreaking or do you prefer to stay away from it and stick with the stock iOS ? Maybe you don’t want to jailbreak but you would still like to have a few more features on some of the stock apps. Well, now you can with an app called Extensify. Extensify allows you to download some tweaks for some of the stock iOS apps without having to jailbreak your device. Basically, it is a kind of app store that contains a few tweaks but it works slightly differently from Cydia. Instead of downloading a completely new app or adding function to the existing app, Extensify keeps the stock app and downloads a modified version. This means that you have two apps that you can switch between, depending on what you want to do.

Image : Extensify iOS 9.3.5

download extensify ios 9.3.5

What You Need to Know :

There is one downside to using Extensify over jailbreaking. There is nowhere near as much functionality available and what you can actually do to your iOS device is minimal compared to what Cydia [ext link] provides. Yes, there are some tweaks and these may be more than enough for those what to make a few aesthetic changes to how a stock app looks but you will get nowhere near the functionality that you get from the full Cydia Tweaks [ext link]. What it will boil down to is what you want to do – if you want full-on changes to the apps and you want more choice, then you will have to go down the route of jailbreaking and you can do that using PPHelper Jailbreak. But, if you want to update to iOS 9.3.5 download [ext link] and you want some changes then we’ll show you how to download Extensify.

How to Download Extensify iOS 9.3.5 :

You have two options here .

Method 1 : Safari Method on iOS 9.3.5

  1. On your iOS device, go to Safari browser and open downloadextensify.com safari_ios_9extensify_ios_10_safari1 copy
  2. As soon as the page loads up, tap the UP arrow at the top of the screen on the iPad and the bottom of the screen on the iPhone extensify download
  3. On the next screen tap on Add to Home Screen download extensify1
  4. You will be asked to give the icon a name so type in Extensify and then tap on the button that says Add download extensify0
  5. Exit out of Safari and look for the Extensify icon on your home screen extensify_ios_9

Video: This video will show you the steps above

Extensify for iOS 9.3.5 :

extensify ios 9.3.5 installer

In the near future we will be able to use the Extensify Installer for iOS 9.3.5 as it will be available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Right now, Extensify installer is in beta format and is being tested by a select group of testers. If you follow us on Facebook to receive updates about Extensify directly to timeline.




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