Extensify iOS 9.3.4

Finally, it’s here. A way to safely tweak stock iOS apps without jailbreaking. Extensify for iOS 9.3.4 is a great way to get all of [ well, not all of ] the aesthetic tweaks you get from jailbreaking your device, without the alleged security gaps often synonymous with jailbroken iPhones and exposed roots and loopholes that come with the territory. This comes as a welcome innovation for someone who is bored of the basic ambiance that Apple offers on the standard interface. In addition, with the invent of Extensify, you no longer have to wait for jailbreak teams to come up with jailbreak solutions for the rapidly changing iOS landscape that seems to have a new update every time you look at your phone.

Image : Extensify iOS 9.3.4 Download

extensify ios 9.3.4

Extensify for iOS 9.3.4 :

Extensify is basically an app store that lets you download aesthetic tweaks for existing apps available on iOS 9.3.4. It keeps the original app and even lets you switch between the old and new. It does not gain access to your springboard and does not replace your current OS. It is a great option for those wary of a full iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak [ext link] but still want to spruce up their device’s aesthetic.

extensify_ios_10 (1)extensify_ios_10

Things to Know :

The downside to Extensify is that it pales in comparison to what can actually be done in terms of modifying how your phone looks. Sure, there are tweaks, in fact, tweaks far sufficient for someone who wants to change their color scheme or very basic changes to the way apps look. However, if you are expecting the versatility one would get with a full jailbreak, and the barrage of available tweaks and apps on a store like Cydia, you just will not find those with Extensify. It comes down to how much you want to be able to do with your phone and how much security you are willing to leverage to get there. For the average user, Extensify is a safe option to get cool results that give life to the usual mundane iOS 9.3.4 interface.

Steps to Download Extensify iOS 9.3.4 :

There are two ways to download Extensify app on iOS 9.3.4. Both of these are listed below with step by step instructions for download.

Method 1 : Safari Method for Extensify iOS 9.3.4 Download

  1.  Open this website downloadextensify.com in Safari from your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.3.4 firmware ios 10 safariextensify_ios_10_safari1 copy
  2. Once you have loaded the page , hit the UP arrow on the bottom of the screen and then tap on add to home screenextensify_ios_10_safari1 extensify_ios_10_safari2
  3. Rename the app as Extensify and tap Add download extensify0
  4. You will now find Extensify app downloaded on your iOS 9.3.4 homescreen. extensify_ios_10_safari0

Video : Step by Step video of the above tutorial

Extensify iOS 9.3.4 Installer :

extensify ios 9.3.4 installer

In the coming days Extensify Installer 9.3.4 will be made available to the public for both Windows and Mac OSX . At this moment , Extensify Installer is still in the beta development stage. Stay tuned to get the updates release. Subscribe to our Facebook page for up to the minute news.




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