Extensify iOS 9.3.2

People love jailbreaking their iOS devices as it frees the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices of their limits and lets users play around with iOS. After jailbreaking, you get to install Cydia Tweaks [ext link] and customize iOS as much as you want. However, jailbreaking means exploiting security loopholes in iOS to gain root access, which is why Apple does not like jailbreaks. So do many users who think that jailbreaking will put their data at risk.

Image : Extensify iOS 9.3.2 Download

extensify ios 9.3.2

But even stock iOS users think about getting tweaks on their iOS devices, and they often wonder whether it can be done without jailbreaking. The simple answer is Yes, it can be done without having to jailbreak your device, all thanks to the awesome Extensify tool.

Install Tweaks on iOS 9.3.2 without Jailbreak :

Extensify is basically a store that provides tweaks for stock iOS devices. These tweaks are meant to be used to modify the stock apps available in the App Store. Of course, this is no replacement for Cydia or jailbreaking altogether, but it surely helps in case you don’t want to jailbreak or if we don’t have a jailbreak like currently.

extensify_ios_10 extensify_ios_10 (1)

With Extensify, you can browse tweaks for a particular app and then use all those tweaks to create one modified build of that app. The modified app is then installed on your iOS device and it stays alongside the stock unmodified version. You can then use both the versions or can delete the one you no longer need.

Of course, Extensify has limitations, like it cannot tweak the iOS User Interface and cannot touch the SpringBoard. But then we are asking too much from an app that lets you enjoy tweaks without jailbreaking.

How to Download and Install Extensify on iOS 9.3.2

1. Using Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari browser in your iOS 9.3.2 device. safari_ios_9
  2. Go to the address bar in Safari and type downloadextensify.com, then press Enter. download extensify2
  3. After the Extensify site has loaded, tap the Up arrow symbol given at the bottom, and then tap the Add to HomeScreen option.extensify downloaddownload extensify1
  4. Now name the app as Extensify and finally tap on Add.download extensify0
  5. The Extensify app icon will now appear on your Home screen that allows access to Extensify updates directly on device without needing a PC or Mac. extensify_ios_9

Video : Above tutorial explained step by step

2. Via Extensify Installer

extensify ios 9.3.2 installer

The Extensify Installer 9.3.2 for Windows and Mac is still under development and will be released for the public soon. Of course, we will keep you in loop and let you know immediately if Extensify Download is released or if any other news comes up. Till then, stay tuned by liking the Extensify Page on Facebook [ext link].

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  1. Why isn’t it working I went to downloadextensify.com
    And put it on my home screen and it puts me back on the website?!?

  2. It ain’t an app, it is just the short cut to their web page. It will not help tweaking your iPhone nor it will do anything. Just a link to their web page. Anyone that claims otherwise is either a liar or someone that works for Extensify. Let’s see how long my explanation will stay here before they erase it.

  3. Seriously? You really think that We will fall for that again and again? If you havent finish your download and installer, then dont give us any hope. Just tell us that you havent finish then we will wait.

  4. I guess Patricia and I are the only ones who were able to get Extensify successfully, by following these instructions :P Keep up the great work guys!!!

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