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iOS users who like their iPhones and iPads jailbroken find it very tough to live with the same devices when there’s no jailbreak available. The last jailbreak was released only recently by Team Pangu for iOS 9, but iOS 9.1 patched those exploits and thus there’s still now jailbreak for the firmware. Needless to say, this is a very frustrating time for jailbreakers as they are not able to install their favourite Cydia tweaks. But thanks to Extensify, you can now install tweaks on supported iOS devices without having to jailbreak them!

Image : Extensify iOS 9.2 Download

extensify ios 9.2

Note: This is an exclusive Extensify download guide for iOS 9.2 . Go to this link for downloading Extensify on iOS 8.

Install Tweaks on iOS 9.2 – No Jailbreak :

Extensify is a tweak store that can be installed on stock iOS devices. The tweaks can be used to modify the stock apps. While this is not a replacement for jailbreaking or Cydia completely, Extensify can be a boon during times when there’s no jailbreak.

Using Extensify is very easy. You just have to select all the required tweaks for a particular iOS app. You then have to create a build of all those tweaks, which can be done with just one tap. A fresh version of the tweak is automatically downloaded from Apple’s server and is modified with all the tweaks that you selected. It is then installed in your iOS device, and voila! You get a modified version of the app, while the stock version remains in the device separately unless you uninstall it.

Extensify has its own limitations too, like it cannot tweak the stock UI and the Springboard in iOS. But as said earlier, it can really be cool to have this app during times when iOS isn’t jailbroken. So if you want to install Extensify in your iOS 9.2 device, follow the below-given tutorial.

How to Download Extensify on iOS 9.2

1. Install with Safari Browser

  1. Go to the Safari Browser in your iOS 9.2 device.safari_ios_9
  2. Enter downloadextensify.com to go to the Extensify site. download extensify2
  3. Tap the Up arrow that can be seen right at the bottom of the screen in Safari. extensify download
  4. Now tap on the Add to HomeScreen option. download extensify1
  5. Rename the app to Extensify and then tap on Adddownload extensify0
  6. Extensify will now be added to your Home screen. extensify_ios_9

Video : Here is a tutorial explaining the above process

2. Install with Extensify Installer

extensify ios 9.2

Extensify Installer for Mac and Windows will be available soon. Bookmark this page and check back soon.




    1. Lol, it is winter and there is no sign of its release even tho they said they will release it in fall with iOS 9

  1. Well, 9.2 is out and still no extensify… what a waste of noise and time. If you can’t produce the product, take down the page

  2. Well, now that I have spent a lot of time trying to future out how to download extensify, I finally read the comments. So why is there an instruction to download something that does not exist.

    At least include a note that it isn’t there yet.

  3. This is so much annoying for waiting the extensify . How much will you guys take to develope it ? ios 9.2 has already been seeded & has been a month . What a waste of time and noise seeking these tools for ios . I guess i’ll have to switch to android now .

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