Extensify iOS 9.2.1

If you prefer jailbroken iPads and iPhones over the stock ones, you will agree with the fact that it’s very difficult to use those devices when no jailbreak is available. Pangu was the one to release the last jailbreak for iOS 9, but that too was patched by Apple with the iOS 9.1 release. And since then, no more jailbreak releases [at the time of writing this article] have happened. It is surely a very tough time for jailbreakers who are forced to stay away from their favourite jailbreak tweaks. However, thanks to Extensify 9.2.1, you don’t need to wait for a iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak [ ext link ] in order to enjoy your tweaks!

Image : Extensify Download on iOS 9.2.1

extensify 9.2.1

Note: If you are using an iOS 8 device, go to our tutorial for using Extensify on iOS 8.

Tweaking iOS 9.2.1 without Jailbreak

In case you don’t know, Extensify is a popular tweak store specifically for stock iOS. You can download tweaks from the store and modify the stock iOS apps. Yes, Extensify does not and can never replace Cydia or jailbreaking entirely, but it does allow you to play around with your device during no-jailbreak times.

Extensify iOS 9.2.1 is very easy to use. All you need to do is choose the particular tweaks you want to install. Then create a build using those tweaks with just a tap. Extensify will download a fresh version of the app that you want to tweak, and all those selected tweaks will be applied to the app. Finally, you will get a tweaked version of the app in your iOS device beside the stock version.

However, Extensify does have its downs too. You cannot tweak the stock iOS device nor the Springboard with Extensify. But this stock iOS tweak store is really useful when you have no option but to stay on stock iOS. It is also good for those who don’t like the vulnerability of jailbreaks but want to enjoy tweaks.

How to Download Extensify on iOS 9.2.1

1. Using Safari Browser

  1. Open the Safari Browser in your iOS 9.2.1 device. safari_ios_9
  2. Go to downloadextensify.comdownload extensify2
  3. Once on the Extensify site, tap on the Up arrow at the bottom. extensify download
  4. Now choose the option labelled Add to HomeScreendownload extensify1
  5. Name the app as Extensify and tap Adddownload extensify0
  6. You will now find Extensify on your Home screen.Extensify will now be added to your Home screen. extensify_ios_9

2. Using Extensify Installer

extensify ios 9.2.1 installer

The Extensify Installer 9.2.1 for Windows and Mac will be available for download soon, and the links will be updated on this page. Check back soon for the download !




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  2. Nao funciona no meu ios 9.2.1
    Porque? ajudem ai1!!!
    Todo mundo já alertando, seria uma propaganda enganosa?
    Ou fiz algo errado???

  3. I installed it and there is only a shortcut on the home screen on my iPad with 9.2.1. Are we missing something or there is something wrong with the applications?

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