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Cydia has been the lifeline of the jailbreak community for long, as it plays an important, or the most important role in iOS jailbreaking. Possibilities with Cydia are endless, as you get access to a practically unlimited number of tweaks to customize your iOS device the way you want. iOS 9 users , follow this tutorial for Extensify Download . iOS 8 users , follow the tutorial below .

Image : Downloading Extensify on iOS 8 – Tutorial

extensify ios 8 download

However, we have already gone through a period when there was no jailbreak available and we had to stick with the stock iOS firmware or either the older and outdated jailbroken iOS firmware. With the release of iOS 8.4.1, Apple has patched the TaiG and PP jailbreak exploits and thus, we are stuck with two options- either update to iOS 8.4.1 and lose the jailbreak, or stay with iOS 8.4.

Many people would find this confusion trivial, as jailbreaking is good, but staying on the latest firmware is necessary too as it comes with latest security and performance improvements. Also, people who accidentally updated to iOS 8.4.1 have lost their jailbreaks too, so we are pretty much stuck until the next jailbreak comes out. But this problem is possibly going to end soon.

Extensify Download works without Jailbreaking :

What if we said that you can modify your stock iOS apps with tweaks without jailbreaking ? That will surely help all of us in such times, won’t it ? A new app Extensify is going to launch for iOS soon and will help you do just this thing.

Extensify – A Cydia Substitute for Stock iOS


Extensify has been made for stock iOS specially and is a tweak store in the form of an app. It houses a great number of tweaks for a greater number of applications, so you know that you can customize your favourite app with ease with these tweaks.

Extensify is a very well-designed app and will make you feel at home with its great set of UI features and ease of use. You just need to search for tweaks or find tweaks for a specific app. You then need to select the tweaks which you want to modify the app with. Once done, you will get a separate modified app with those tweaks applied while the stock app will remain as it is. You can only modify stock iOS apps and you cannot modify the SpringBoard or the stock iOS UI. But still, Extensify is a very good substitute for those times when there is no jailbreak available. Read more about Extensify here .

How to Download Extensify on iOS 8 :

Method 1 : Using Safari browser on iOS 8

  1. Launch Safari browser in your iOS 8 device. open safari ios 8
  2. Go to the our Extensify Download website downloadextensify.comdownload extensify2
  3. Click on the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen to download Extensify on your iOS 8 device. extensify download
  4. Now you will get the option to download the app icon on your iOS 8 homescreen . Tap on “Add to HomeScreen” download extensify1
  5. You will get the option to name the app. Keep it Extensify as shown here . download extensify0
  6. Once Extensify is installed, you will get it on your home screen where you can launch it and start using it. No jailbreaking is required . The device below was already jailbroken and has Cydia , however cydia is not necessary for Extensify Download . extensify ios 8 download

Video : Here is a step by step video tutorial explaining the above process

Method 2 : Extensify Installer

extensify download windows

Download Method  2 will be available soon. So stay tuned. To get Extensify Downloader when released, Join the Extensify Download page on Facebook .




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