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Jailbreak users will accept that living with a stock iOS firmware is really frustrating when there’s no jailbreak around. Cydia tweaks make our life so much more easier, but they sadly do not work on stock iOS and require you to jailbreak your iOS device. However, there’s a tool now that allows you to tweak the stock iOS apps without having to jailbreak your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. This new tool is called Extensify and is now supported on iOS 7.

Image : Download Extensify on iOS 7 Firmware

extensify ios 7 download

Tweak Stock iOS 7 Apps :

Extensify is just like another app that can be downloaded and installed on your iOS 7 device. It is a tweak store for non-jailbroken iOS devices.

The Extensify tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is search for particular tweaks that you need to install to an app. Also, you can just browse through all tweaks that are available for a specific app. You then need to queue up all those tweaks that you want to modify an app with, and once you have chosen all the required tweaks, you can make a build with just one tap.

Extensify-5-576x1024 (1) Extensify-576x1024 (1)

Once you finally choose to install the build to the app of your choice, a fresh copy of that app is downloaded via iTunes and all the queued up tweaks are installed into it, thus modifying the app as per your choice. After it is done, both the modified as well as the non-modified versions of that app will exist on your iOS 7 device and they both work separately.

Extensify thus have its limitations, and the stock UI or Springboard cannot be tweaked with this tool. Yet it can really help when there’s no jailbreak available for your iOS device.

Download Extensify on iOS 7

1. Safari Browser

  1. Launch Safari in your iOS 7 device. open safari ios 8
  2. Enter downloadextensify.com inside address bar, and you will be taken to the official Extensify website. download extensify2
  3. Tap the Up arrow that you find at the bottom in Safari. extensify download
  4. Now tap on the Add to HomeScreen option for downloading the Extensify icon in your iOS 7 Home screen. download extensify1
  5. When asked for the name, type Extensify and then tap on the Add button. download extensify0
  6. Extensify will be placed on your Home screen now and you can tweak stock iOS apps with it. extensify ios 8 download

Video : Here is a step by step process of the above method

2. Extensify Installer :

extensify ios 7

Extensify Installer for Mac and Windows will be uploaded soon. We will keep updating this page, so bookmark this page .




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