We used to get jailbreaks on a regular basis but things seem to have slowed down significantly in recent times. The jailbreak teams themselves have been very quiet and Cydia [ext link] hasn’t been updated for some time now, leaving the jailbreak community bereft of tweaks and apps to modify their devices with. A small number of the more popular tweaks have been made available through app installers that don’t require a jailbreak but, until now, these were on a limited basis. Now we have FlekStore, the most comprehensive non-jailbreak Cydia alternative to date.

Image : Flekstore App Download

What is FlekStore ?

Because there have been few usable jailbreaks in recent times, and those that are released are not for everyone, developers have been coming up with other ways to get Cydia apps onto our devices without jailbreaking and FlekStore [ext link] is one of the best Cydia alternatives to appear. Packed with free apps, themes, tweaks and other popular jailbreak content, there is no other app installer that offers more. Simple to install and use, FlekStore gives us access to a whole host of content that you could only get from Cydia before. Here are the main features of FlekStore .

Features of FlekStore :

  • No need to jailbreak and install Cydia to get FlekStore
  • Get much of the content you used to get from Cydia in FlekStore for free
  • Paid and premium apps and games , all free
  • Cydia tweaks like AirShou [ext klink], PlayBox and vShare all available for download
  • Plenty of modified apps ready for download, including modified versions of popular stock apps
  • Great choice of jailbreak and non-jailbreak apps to pick from
  • Simple to navigate, and easy to use
  • You can even develop your own apps and upload them to FlekStore
  • Actively community driven, FlekStore has the most up to date content of any app installer

How to Download FlekStore :

FlekStore is not available for download from the iOS app store but we can tell you how to install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It has been tested and deemed completely safe to use and will serve as the very best alternative to Cydia that we can find. Check out the articles below for more helpful information, including download links .

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device and go to flekstore.org
  2. Wait while our specially designed mobile web page loads up and then tap on the UP arrow [ top or bottom of the screen ]  
  3. From the options along the bottom of the screen, choose Add to Home Screen 
  4. Type in Flekstore when you are asked to give the app icon a name . Tap on Add and come out of Safari .
  5. The app Flekstore app icon will be on your home screen 

Video: watch this to see how these steps are done

Let us know your thoughts on FlekStore; has it got your favorite apps and tweaks in it? If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll get all the latest updates and information as soon as they are released.



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