Extensify vs Cydia – How is it Different

Cydia has been a great boon to us jailbreakers, as there would practically be no jailbreaking without Cydia. Because most of the people jailbreak their iOS devices because they want to install Cydia tweaks and customize their stock iOS.

Image : Difference Between Cydia and Extensify

difference between cydia and extensify

However, there are times when there is no jailbreak around for a specific iOS firmware. A perfect example for this is the iOS 8.4.1 which is unjailbroken as all the security bugs have been fixed by Apple. Also, many users want to stay on the stock iOS while still having to customize their stock iOS apps just like with Cydia tweaks.

The Extensify app which was unveiled a day ago is made to do just this. This is a perfect app for iOS 9 which is basically a tweak store for the stock iOS devices. It contains tweaks which can be used to modify stock iOS apps without having to jailbreak the device. This proves useful when the user cannot or doesn’t want to install.

Even though Extensify is not meant to be a replacement for jailbreaking or Cydia, many people will want to have just one of it on their iOS device. This makes a comparison between the two necessary and needed. So let’s try weighing Extensify vs Cydia and see if one betters the other in any terms.

Extensify vs Cydia – Face to Face :

1. User Interface :

cydia vs extensify

Cydia is a very popular app among jailbreakers and hence the UI is extremely familiar to those users. However, the best thing about Extensify is its UI, as it is top-notch and very fluid, so you will not find any difficulty getting familiar with the app.

2. Compatibility : 

extensify_cydia_ios_9 iphone 6

As of the time when Extensify gets released, it will support only iOS 9. Meanwhile, Cydia supports all the jailbroken iOS devices right up to iOS 8.4 and will also support iOS 9 when it is received.

3. Features :

control pane cydia app

When Cydia is installed on a jailbroken device, it can customize almost every aspect and feature of the iOS with the various tweaks. However, Extensify can apply tweaks only to the stock iOS apps downloaded from App Store, and it cannot customize the look of iOS or the SpringBoard.

4. Cost :

extensify cydia app alternative

Cydia is available for free, but many of the tweaks need to be bought. Meanwhile, Extensify is free too [download extensify here] and contains free tweaks, but we do not yet know if it also includes paid tweaks. If Extensify provides free tweaks, then it will be as competitive as Cydia to the stock iOS owners.

5. Warranty :

This exactly is not a point to compare upon, as jailbreaking does not void warranty until you take a jailbroken phone to the Apple Center. When you want to get your iOS device repaired, you need to restore your iOS device back to stock before giving it for repair at the Apple Center. However, Extensify is just an app and installing an app does not void the warranty of your device, so you will not need to worry about the warranty of your device to use Extensify.

SoExtensify looks like a really good bet, and tilliOS 9 jailbreak is released, it will helpiOS 9 users to customize their apps wheniOS 9 is launched. For more you can follow the Extensify Team Updates on Facebook



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