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When you modify an app through Extensify, you are adding tweaks to them, called Exos. The modified app is identified with a “+” sign after the name, for example, if you were to modify the YouTube app with an Exo called Cercube, the icon on your home screen will be given the label of “YouTube +“. One thing to note is that you cannot have two of any app installed at the same time.

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Why Do I Need Computer to Download Extensify ?

If you are running iOS 7 to the latest iOS version on your iOS device, you do not need to use your computer to download and use Extensify. It can be simply done following our Extensify Download tutorial here. However, from iOS 9  onwards, you will need to use either a Windows PC or a Mac if you want to use Extensify to install Exos with.

Step by Step Tutorial to Use Extensify Helper :

  1. On your computer, download and open the Extensify Helper App [ Windows | Mac ]extensify helper 2
  2. Make sure that you have iTunes [ext link] installed – if not, go ahead and download it now. You do not need to have it open during this process but it must be installed on your computer itunes install
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  4. You may see a “Trust this Computer” message pop up, just click on Trust trust_this_computer
  5. From now on, any popups that appear on your screen can be shut down using the “x” in the corner
  6. From the Extensify Helper screen, choose Install Extensify from the drop down menu extensify 5
  7. Click on Start and leave your computer to do its work
  8. When the installation is complete, the Extensify app icon will appear on your iPhone or iPad Home screen.  

Are all Exos in Extensify Free to Download ?

Most of the Exos in Extensify are free to download but there will be the occasional one that you will have to pay for. The developers will decide if they want to provide their packages free of charge or as a commercial paid-for tweak but the price will be clearly marked for you to see.

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  1. Buenas, esperaba que me podasen ayudar. Estaba siguiendo los pasos y todo iba bien pero cuando abro mi extensify helper no me reconoce el dispositivo. Tengo mi Ipad Mini 4 conectado a mi pc y en extensify helper solo me sale “Waiting for device”. Que puedo hacer? Gracias

  2. Extensify Helper is very easy to use. I keep using it everytime Extensify team updates the app. Never had any issue. Wonder how a free app like this works so smoothly .

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