As the jailbreak community begins to accept that the chances of another jailbreak are very slim, we are seeing a few more app installers released, all trying to take the place of Cydia. One of the first was called Extensify and, although it didn’t offer any Cydia tweaks, it did give us the option of extending the functionality of many of the stock iOS apps. A few more have been released since then and one of the best alternatives for those who want Cydia features is called Emus4U [ext link].

Image : Emus4U App Installer Download

What is Emus4U ?

Emus4U offers a range of Cydia tweaks including the very popular games emulators. These emulators are the only way that we can play our favorite console games on our iOS devices and, with no jailbreak needed to download Emus4U, this is very welcome indeed. Emus4U also has several other tweaks, loads of modified apps and all the paid and premium app store content you could possibly want for free.

Emus4U Features :

Emus4U is an incredibly feature-packed installer, offering:

  • Support for all models of all iOS device
  • An easy way to download and set up
  • A user-friendly interface
  • High-quality customer support
  • Regular updates with new content added
  • Several options for in-app customization
  • No jailbreak required 
  • Plenty of games emulators to choose from
  • Lots of modified apps, like Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Spotify++
  • Paid and premium app store apps for free
  • Lots more

Emus4U is updated every week with new content requested by users from all over the world. If all that content weren’t enough for you, Emus4U also provides:

  • A built-in screen recorder 
  • A way of cleaning up the junk and temporary files from your iOS device
  • All content is categorized so you can find exactly what you want with no trouble
  • A decent choice of themes so you can customize how Emus4U looks

How to Download Emus4U :

Because of the nature of Emus4U, the type of content it offers, it isn’t allowed into the iOS app store. However, we can download it directly from the developers and, if you check out the links below, you will find those links along with a full step by step tutorial, as well as a guide on deleting Emus4U should you need to for any reason:

Jailbreak Update :

The news regarding jailbreaks has not been very good in the last 18 months or so. When Apple released iOS 10, they did so with the promise that jailbreaking would stop, and it looks like they were right. We saw one jailbreak utility called Yalu for iOS 10, a jailbreak that was limited to 64-bit iPhone users and, since then, nothing. We’ve had no communication from any of the jailbreak developers either.

However, there may be a light ahead of us. iOS 11 is coming to an end; WWDC 2018 will be taking place very soon and Apple will be revealing iOS 12. From then on, most of their focus will be on getting the next generation of firmware ready for a September release and that could give the jailbreak developers the breathing space they need to find a forgotten vulnerability that they can use. While things don’t look so good right now there is always hope for the future.


In the meantime, try Emus4U, see how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news and updates.

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