The latest news in the iOS community is that iOS 10 has been released. It comes with a lot of security bug fixes along with other performance improvements. Well, this can be a really good news for the stock iOS users who like to keep their iPhones running in the best shape. However, it has turned out to be a bad news for iPhone jailbreak users. With Extensify app on your smartphone, you can download modified apps like SnapChat ++ and Phantom for Snapchat.

Image : Downloading Extensify on iPhone

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Extensify Installs Tweaks on Non Jailbroken Devices :

An app called Extensify has been unveiled by developers Kevin Ko and Majd Alfhaily who are more popularly known as @uhelios and @freemanrepo. Extensify app is essentially a tweak store, but what will make it more special and definitely a hit is the fact that it can be installed on the stock iOS devices. So you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install tweaks, as Extensify will help you do this without jailbreaking.


No, Extensify is not here to replace Cydia or jailbreak, but is meant for those periods when there is no jailbreak around. Also, many users like to enjoy the stock iOS experience but also want to modify their stock apps with jailbreak-like tweaks. This is where Extensify comes in.

About Extensify App :

Extensify is an All-rounder Tweak Store and developers have worked hard to make it perfect. Right from its UI to its functions, everything has been well-placed in the app. Another great thing about Extensify is that you don’t need to uninstall your stock app for the tweaked app. All you need to do is go to Extensify, search for tweaks specifically for the app you want, queue them up, and install them. Extensify will download a fresh copy of that app from iTunes and will install the tweaks on that version. This way, you will have a modded version of the app on the device along with its stock version too.

So if you want to install Extensify on your iOS device, follow the below-given tutorial.

How to Install Extensify :

There are two methods to download Extensify on your iOS device. Below given is the first method while the second method requires a computer.

Method 1 : Safari Method

  1. Launch Safari browser in your iOS device. Note that this tutorial will not work with any other iOS browser , like Google Chrome or Opera .  
  2. Simply type in the URL as shown below 
  3. This will now open up a page specifically designed for Extensify download on your iOS device . Note that this may not work on your iPad . Now tap on the bottom of the page with with the UP arrow as shown here .  
  4. This will bring up a screen where you can select “Add to Home Screen” . Tap on that option   
  5. Now save the app using the Extensify name .  
  6. After the app is installed , you can launch it to start using it from your home screen .  

Video : Here is a full step by step video of the above process in details .

Note :

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a necessity when you use Extensify to download your apps and tweaks. It’s a small app that works in the background, stopping those apps from crashing by stopping Apple form revoking the app certificates. No more hassle with crashed apps and no more waste time reactivating each app.

Method 2 :  Extensify Helper

The second method is under process and being beta tested among a closed group of iOS users now available for download. You can get the full step by step tutorial to download Extensify app on your iPhone or iPad using the Extensify Helper app.

Follow the Extensify team on Facebook and bookmark this page  to get Extensify updates and tutorials .

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  1. I have watched the preview video of Extensify so many times and want to install it from here, but it won’t work. When I add it to home screen it just takes me back to this website. Answers, please.

    1. It’s basically telling you to keep up and keep in touch for the actual release of the app, that’s why they tell you to “download” it that way.

    2. Cause thats exactly what it should do 😂 And thats exactly what this guy tell u to do in the video tutorial to just add the webpage to ur home screen with changing the name to the app name and tadaaa u have the app onur ios device lol

    1. its because your only making a link to the download page that way you can keep checking back for updates, you will need to apply for a download code for a chance to get it now.

  2. Guys please read it properly!! It clearly states that it is the icon ONLY!! you are simply linking to this page which uses the Extensify icon.

    Check the website…. 17 days remaining at the time of this post. It’s not long now!!!
    Can’t wait!!

  3. Finally, I know this sounds bad but mom wouldn’t let me jailbreak because when she jail broke her iOS 5 (I know it’s come on a lot since then) iPhone and it ‘broke’ it apparently.
    So this will be a Greate excuse ???

  4. The extensify is working with iOS 8.4or not
    Please reply
    And how the time of the application will running just I install the icon
    Please reply

  5. Hello guys, I followed the download steps, I got the app on my joke screen, when clicking on it it’s only a short cut to the website download How to get the app to work?

  6. Okay so you said that u can download it that way !! Why didn’t open the app in the video you idiot?? Stop fucking lying I’ve tried everything it won’t let me download so stfu

  7. This is nuts. Doing the above steps will only create a bookmark for this page. Hey extensify, before you post some instructions, make sure its the real thing.

  8. We all know how to add the website shortcut On homescreen. But show us how to get the appstore that you are talking about. Downl

  9. EXTENSIFY.. iOS 9.1 has been already released. Can you give us the release date of EXTENSIFY 9.1 ?! … It takes too long for waiting haha ;-)

  10. Well, 9.2 is out and still no extensify… what a waste of noise and time. If you can’t produce the product, take down the page

  11. Still waiting for the installer to be released so we can use this app. Waste of time………been. Waiting months with a useless app icon on my screen …… Update please on when the installer is being released and where can I apply for a code to get the installer quicker?

  12. Guys… I think your underestimating how bigger job this is to pull off… It requires hundreds of man hours to create codes able to pull off what this app is promising… Let them do their work and be grateful they are even doing it in the first place.

  13. This is a message to the admins of this page. Sorry to tell but m gonna take down the site. Never seen such useless site in my entire life. No point in running this up. This site will be hacked. Good luck with your work.

  14. I just want to know if extensify will be available on android because I’ve got an android phone and I want to tweak my apps such a Snapchat.

  15. I got extensify. The problem is, that you have to reinstall your apps every day. After 1 day, your apps won’t open again. Please update!!

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