How to Delete Extensify

Jailbreaking is a boon to the whole iOS community as it allows us to take our iOS devices to the next level of customization. It enables us to do so much more with our Apple devices which the manufacturer does not want us to do with the stock iOS.

Image : Delete Extensify from iPhone

However, many a times we come across users who just don’t want to jailbreak their iOS devices and want to keep running stock iOS, but yet they want some type of customization or tweaking across their iOS environment. We also come across many situations when any jailbreak is not available for the current iOS firmware just because Apple fixed the jailbreak exploits.

But we don’t need to wait so painfully for jailbreaks now as there is a very special app coming to the stock iOS which will allow you to modify the stock iOS apps without even having to jailbreak the device.

Welcome Extensify App :

This special tweak is called Extensify [ about ] and is made by developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, known commonly as @freemanrepo and @uhelios in the jailbreak community. This is not just an app but a tweak store meant for the stock iOS firmware. And the thing that makes it stand apart from out already favourite Cydia store is that Extensify can be installed on stock iOS and does not need you to jailbreak your device.

Even though Extensify is a very awesome app, some might just want to uninstall it due to it not being so useful to them. Also, even though Extensify is not meant to replace Cydia [ read difference ] or jailbreaking, many people would like to prefer Cydia and would not like to use Extensify as an extra. So if you are one of them and want to delete Extensify from your iOS device.

How to Un-Install Extensify From iOS Device :

  1. Go to the home screen in your iOS device.
  2. Find the Extensify app there. 
  3. Now tap and hold the app. You will notice that the app starts to wiggle and shows the cross on its top. 
  4. Now tap on delete to permanently remove it from your device .

Video : Here is how to remove Extensify from your homescreen quickly

Done ! You will now see that the app has been completely uninstalled from your device. In case you want to install it again, you will have to go to the official Extensify website to download it. Please note that as of now, Extensify is available only on iOS 9.

To stay updates to Extensify progress , you can follow the Extensify Team Updates on Facebook