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It used to be that, to sideload an app onto an iOS device, you would need XCode but that meant you needed to have a Mac or a Hackintosh [ Mac OS on a non-Apple device ]. Things have changed and now you can sideload some apps like Phantom for Snapchat and SnapChat ++ by using Cydia Impactor, one of the most powerful tools in existence today. We are going to show you all the steps needed to use Cydia Impactor on both Windows and Mac OS .

Image : How to Sideload apps with Cydia Impactor


Steps to Sideload with Cydia Impactor :

  1. Download Cydia Impactor [ext link] , make sure you download the right version for your operating system
  2. Extract the contents of the package and remember where you have saved them
  3. Download the IPA file of the app [ SnaptChat++ ] that you want to sideload [ .deb files will NOT work ]
  4. Now connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac and ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes – click on Help > Check for Updates and follow onscreen instructions to update if required itunes-update-mac
  5. Launch the Cydia Impactor executable file .When loaded, choose your device from the dropdown menu
  6. Open the IPA file and drag it into the Cydia Impactor Window cydia-impactor-jailbreak
  7. Sign in with your Apple developer ID and password – a free or paid account will work and this is required so that the app can be signed for sideloading cydia-impactor-jailbreak2_installcydia-impactor-jailbreak3_install
  8. Click on OK. If you are using a free developer account, the certificate will only last for 7 days and the process will have to be repeated
  9. A warning message will appear regarding existing certificates; click on OK cydia-impactor-jailbreak0_install
  10. Cydia Impactor will now get the certificates from Apple and will digitally sign them for validation. Be patient as this can take a few minutes
  11. When the app has sideloaded onto your device, you will see the icon on your home screen
  12. Open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
  13. Locate the app profile that has just been installed, tap on it and tap Trust to allow the app to run

Now you can go back to your home screen, tap on the app and begin using it. Don’t forget that a free developer account will require this process to be repeated every 7 days whereas with a paid account the certificates will not expire.

Do let us know if you have any problems with these steps and how you get on with it. For more up to the minute news and developments, follow us on Facebook .

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  1. Hi,

    Im unable to get the free Apple Developer ID. However I am willing to pay someone if they can make me one. Please contact me if you can do this for me.

    Thanks, Mason.

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