Extensify Beta

If you’ll remember, we told some months ago about an app called Extensify. Basically, Extensify is a third-party tweak store meant for stock iOS devices, and it allows users to tweak the apps installe from the App Store without having to jailbreak their iOS device.

Image : Extensify Beta Released

iOS developers Kevin Ko and Majd Alfhaily are very popular in the jailbreak community and have created Extensify for iOS 9. The good news that arrived today is that Extensify has been soft launched, and you can apply for the soft-launch program through the official Extensify website.

What Does Extensify Do ?

Extensify is meant for those who love the way Cydia provides a way to customize iOS but are afraid of jailbreaking. It is meant for users who would rather stay on stock iOS and wait for a great customization app than get a jailbreak. Also, users who jailbreak their iOS devices will find the Extensify app very useful in times when there’s no jailbreak, just like right now.

Extensify is sideloaded via Safari by going to the download web page on the iOS device you want to install the app on. Once you install the configuration profile you are prompted for, the app gets trusted and you can then browse the store and download tweaks, known as Exos in the Extensify store. The Exos bring feature advancements to apps.

You can use these Exos [image below] to tweak the apps that are only downloaded from the App Store. However, you cannot modify iOS itself in any way. Once you have installed an Exo for a particular app, the modified version of the app will appear on the Home screen, while the original version of the app will remain. You can either keep both the versions or can remove the original, unmodified one. 

Extensify is very easy to use and helps users add more features to the apps available in the App Store without jailbreaking their iOS device. Those developers who want to host Exos in the Extensify store can check out the Extensify documentation page [ext link].

Pricing :

Extensify won’t be available for free though, and as of now, it will cost $8.99 for 3 months. In the future, there will be 6-month and 12-month plans too.

How to Download Extensify :

Right now, the Extensify app is being made available through soft launch to a very small number of users, and it might be a few weeks before the app is launched for all. You can go to the Extensify website and apply for a code, and you can wait to get lucky to be randomly selected for the code launch.

As an alternative, you can follow our Extensify Download tutorial to get the app on your iOS device right now.