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Android rooting have been a little thin on the ground just recently and, although we have seen evidence of an rooted update for Android 6, Marshmallow, this is only on the beta firmware. There was some indication that developers would be releasing a root for Android Nougat but this has not been confirmed and we have heard no further news on it. There is a new app that is about to shake things up a little though, and it’s called Extensify.

Image : Extensify APK

extensify APK

Extensify was created by Kevin Ko and Majd Alfhaily. Far from being a rooted android device, it is an app that everyone can use to make modifications to stock android apps, allowing you to apply tweaks to add features or change the way a stock app works , all without having to root your android device.

Extensify Features :

Extensify is not a replacement for rooting but it will prove an adequate stop-gap while we wait for that elusive root to be released. It is also ideal for those who want a few changes to their stock apps but don’t want to go down the route of rooting.

  • User friendly UI, easy to use and looks great
  • No computer needed. Extensify can be installed directly onto your android device via an .apk file
  • Tweaks inside Extensify are called Exosextensify apk
  • When you have installed Extensify on your android device, simply open it and search for the Exo that you want, add it to a queue [ you can have as many as you want ] and install them in one go
  • The modified app will be installed to your android device. Instead of taking the place of the stock app, the modified app is downloaded separately and will be given a + sign to denote it. For example, you may install a tweak that modifies the Message app. Once downloaded, you will have two apps on your device , Messages and Messages +. The stock app is not touched at all and can still be used as it is, giving you two versions of one app.
  • Extensify contains a whole heap of tweaks for many different stock and other play store apps. SnapChat ++ app for Snapchat app . extensify phantom android
  • Each tweak is given a description and you can also leave feedback or comments for individual tweaks.

How to Download Extensify for Android :

To download Extensify on Android device, you must download the Extensify APK with .apk extension.

For those that don’t know, an APK is an application package file and it is what we use to get software onto devices. APK’s are zipped files based on JAR and containing a .apk file extension. It is easy to get these onto your android device and you can do it through your email.  The file can be downloaded onto your PC, where you would then email it to you and then open the email on your android device.

  1. Open Settings on your Android device . Tap LockScreen and Security .extensify android 1
  2. Now put a check in the box beside Unknown Sources Options – this will allow the apk to be downloaded to your device android extensify 1
  3. Download the APK for Extensify [link]extensify apk downloading
  4. Locate the file on your device and tap to install it extensify apk android
  5. Let it install fully before you continue , and then download apps from Extensifyextensify android

Note  :

Fixing crashed Extensify apps by reactivating them regularly is time consuming. Now, with Anti Revoke [ext link] , you can stop all this. When you use Extensify, download Anti Revoke and protect your apps from having their certificates revoked.

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  1. When i installed estensify some another app is installing i.e. Vsharemarket. The name of the apk is entensify only but the apk that is installing is vsharemarket.
    Please see what’s happening.

  2. Hey I tried downloading it on vShare market, but it does not come out at all…is there any other way to download extensify for Android?

    1. I keep pressing it on my phone and it’s almost like a pop up that tries to download it, but then it just goes away. I’ve even allowed pop ups. Help

  3. There’s a parsing error after downloading the .apk file. Maybe a corrupted .apk and need to reupload a working one? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

  4. I keep pressing it on my phone and it’s almost like a pop up that tries to download it, but then it just goes away. I’ve even allowed pop ups. Help

    1. Hold the link down till you get the copy link options than click download. That’s the only way I found to download it but installing is where I get the problems.

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