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Cydia is one of the best sources of third party apps and tweaks, providing us with all kinds of modifications and tweaks for your devices. Unfortunately, the last year has proved somewhat disastrous for jailbreaks and most of the jailbreak community can now no longer install Cydia but we were thrown a lifeline in the form of Extensify. This is an app installer that is packed with modified apps and tweaks, some of which come from Cydia and all of which are unavailable through the iOS app store.

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As many users are finding out though, all is not plain sailing. While the apps downloaded through Extensify work just fine, they do crash after 7 days and need to be reactivated , and this will happen every 7 days, causing no end of issues for users, especially those that have installed several apps. This is because the app certificates are not valid and Apple revokes them, causing the app to fail but, with a new tool called Anti Revoke, we can now get around this.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a simple and easy to use tool that works away in the background on your iPhone or iPad, protecting all your apps from having their certificates revoked. It does this by installing a VPN to your device which then blocks all attempts ate verifying the app certificates and stopping them from being revoked. You don’t need to jailbreak and Anti Revoke will not hog the resource on your iPhone or iPad. Should you install any apps after installing it, you can easily update Anti Revoke to provide additional protection.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Downloading Anti Revoke is very simple, requiring nothing more than your iPhone or iPad and a decent internet connection. A jailbreak is not required but you won’t be able to get it from the iOS app store so check out the detailed guide at the linked post below:

If you use Extensify to download your apps and tweaks then you also need to use Anti Revoke to stop your app certificates from being revoked. If you don’t, you will be forever reactivating those apps every 7 days or so until there are no more certificates and you lose the app forever.

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