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Android device owners are not able to jailbreak their devices like iOS owners are but there is still a way for them to be able to tweak the stock apps on their devices to give them a few more features and a bit more functionality. It’s through an app called Extensify, which was developed by a pair of developers called Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko. Extensify is, in essence, a kind of tweak store that doesn’t require jailbreaking to work. The tweaks are designed to add extra features to stock Android apps and to some that you can download from Google Playstore. With Extensify download, you can install and run modified apps like SnapChat++ on your android device.

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Extensify Features :

Extensify is a useful app for those that cannot jailbreak to modify their devices and is packed full of neat features that will benefit any Android device owner.

  • A nice-looking interface that is easy to use, very user-friendly
  • No computer needed – Extensify can be downloaded to your Android device by way of an APK file
  • Tweaks in Extensify are called Exos extensify apk
  • Once Extensify is on your device, you can search for the Exos that you want to download. These are queued up – you can add as many as you want to the queue – and then all downloaded in one go extensify phantom androidphantom extensify app
  • Rather than replacing the app, a modified version of the app is downloaded and given a + to denote it as an Extensify app. For example, say you wanted to modify the Vine app, when the Exo is installed, you will have two versions of the same app – Vine [ the original ] and Vine+ [ the modified version ]

Download Extensify APK :

To download Extensify, you need to download Extenify APK file first and you can find full instructions on how to do that here.

extensify apk android download

Extensify is proving to be a very popular choice for those who want the option to modify their apps. Android users do miss out on quite a bit because they can’t jailbreak their devices and this is one way for them to get a taster of what it is like to own a jailbroken iOS device. Extensify is limited to only being able to modify stock Android app and some of those that you get from the Store and you will not be able to make any modifications to the Android environment itself.

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