What is Extensify ?

Next iOS release is just round the corner and rumors are that the new firmware will come included with the Rootless technology. What this simply means that the Rootless technology will not allow you to jailbreak your iOS devices, thus nullifying the concept of jailbreaks until someone finds a way out of it. And there indeed are some people who are trying to find a way out of it with Extensify.

What is Extensify ?
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A new app named Extensify is coming out soon and is set to do the work of Cydia on unjailbreakable iOS devices. Created by developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko who are better known in the jailbreak community as @freemanrepo and @uhelios, Extensify app is a tweak store which will allow you to modify or add some new features to your stock iOS apps.

Simply put, Extensify will apply tweaks to the stock iOS apps that you download from the app store. All this without jailbreaking. Installing tweaks without jailbreaking ? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it ? But it does work very smoothly.

How Extensify Functions :

First things first, Extensify is not meant to replace jailbreaking or Cydia. However, it is meant to take the place of jailbreaking during the period when there is no jailbreak available. A nice example will be of iOS 8 which is unjailbreakable.

Extensify will be available for iOS 7 and above , so we tested it out on an iPhone

  • The developers have worked really hard on Extensify’s UI, which is evident from every screen of the app. The UI seems totally perfect and top notch. Right from profile to managing the tweaks, you will be very satisfied with the looks and functions that the UI provides. Extensify-4
  • You don’t need a computer to Install Extensify, as it is just comes as an app. Here are the basics- this tweak store is called Extensify and the tweaks are called Exos here. one such popular Exos is SnapChat++ .Extensify-5-576x1024
  • You just need to download the app, login, search for the Exos or tweaks that you want to apply to your app, queue them up and install them finally. Your modified app is ready. Extensify-576x1024Extensify-21
  • The best part is that when you modify an app with the tweaks, the modified version is installed separately and gets a + sign beside it to differentiate it from the stock app, while the stock version of the app remains as it is and is not replaced or uninstalled. For example, a modified Vine app will appear as Vine+ while the stock Facebook app will remain as it is. So you can have two versions of the same app at the same time, which is a cool thing.  Extensify-vineExtensify-vine+
  • There are a lot of tweaks available in Extensify. We tried out a few, like adding the save option to Instagram , Twitter and Vine.
  • Extensify gets a lot of other details like the tweak description, sie, number of downloads, screenshots, etc. You can also leave comments or feedback for a tweak.

Is Extensify Useful ?

Of course ! If you are someone who likes to remain on stock iOS while still having the ability to add extra features to the stock apps, then Extensify is a must.

In case you love jailbreaks, then Extensify will help you when there is no current jailbreak available. Also, the app does not modify the stock apps. It downloads the app again from iTunes and modifies that version instead of playing around with the stock version of the app. You can thus use the stock as well as the modified version of the app.

Extensify has a very big limitation, but it can be neglected because you get to use it without jailbreaking. You can only modify the apps that you download from the App Store and you cannot modify the general iOS environment or the Springboard.

When Can You Get It ?

Extensify is now out for iOS 7 and above. The Extensify team will keep releasing more updates, so stay tuned to get the latest news about them. Meanwhile, you can follow the Extensify team updates on Facebook and bookmark the Download Extensify page on your web browser.

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  1. Hi, i tried to download extensify on my iPad , But i cant get the options . I am running iOS 9 .

    Please help .

    1. I have the same problem on my iPhone. I can’t even install this version on my iPhone. All it does is take me back to this website. Help please!

  2. The official iOS 9 isn’t out yet just the beta (I’m running ios9 as well). This will come out when iOS 9is officially released.

    1. iOS 9 public version is coming out on 9th Sept. This will bee releases officially on that day of a day later .


  3. Article is vague. Doesn’t really explain much. What are more specific modifications Extensify can do? Not impressed so far.

  4. Extensify really doesn’t replace jail breaking and the modding of apps if you like are only what the Devs want you to change and so make them available to change slightly.

    The judge

  5. Too much noise ! For my taste, if so this will not have much relevance, has not yet been officially released and you see many complaints, now you will understand what is said in my previous message.

  6. Has anyone ever got this app to download? I have iphone4s and can not get it to download the latest iOS . Thanks for letting me know and feel free to explain how you got it to download as described on their page.

  7. Well, 9.2 is out and still no extensify… what a waste of noise and time. If you can’t produce the product, take down the page…

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